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CHECK OUT MY NEW NOVEL, the sequel to Fiddler On the Roof!:

Here’s the exciting news of 2011: My novel “Tevye and the Streets of Gold” is nearing completion!

In the sequel to 
“Fiddler On the Roof”...
Set in New York City in 1911, misadventures and mayhem ensue when a pious milkman-philosopher and brings his daughters to the Streets of Gold to pursue the illusive American Dream. 

But Tevye soon discovers the real nightmare begins when the Dream starts chasing HIM!

The TRADITION continues 
...this time in America!

After three years of research, one year of story and character development (plus a few years of procrastina-tion), I began writing the novel 2010. The manuscript should be completed this year and I’m currently on the hunt for a literary agent.

Once the novel finds a home with a major publisher, I’ll be developing the story into a one-man show entitled “TEVYE!”. The full musical stage production “FIDDLER IN AMERICA ”will soon follow.

The Tradition continues!!
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